The area around Les Atkinson Park was first settled in the convict period during the middle of the 19th century. Parts of the park were used for farming and this continued well into the 20th century. The housing development around Narooma street began in the late 1960’s and farming came to an end shortly afterward.

Shown below is an aerial photo taken from 1967 of the park, where the beginning of the residental development is visible. Farming can be seen on the park and in the surrounding area.

Pathways through the park were initially built in the 1980’s with the pond excavated around 1990. During the 1990’s the playground was also constructed, and the park took on its current form.

The Les Atkinson Park Bushcare Group was formed in the year 2000. The Bushcare groups aim was to restore two corridors of native vegetation, one along the creek, and a second along the football field and train station carpark.