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Les Atkinson Park 

Les Atkinson Park is a major suburban park in Sunnybank in southern Brisbane, containing both sporting and recreational facilities as well as significant bushland areas. Despite being heavily used and surrounded by urban development, the park is home to numerous native plant and animal species. Covering approximately 15 hectares, the park is dominated by a spring-fed freshwater wetland. Stable Swamp Creek , a tributary of Oxley Creek also flows through the park .

Les Atkinson Park

About the Bushcare Group

The Les Atkinson Park Bushcare Group (LAPBG) is one of more than 100 volunteer bushcare groups working under the Brisbane City Council's Habitat Brisbane program working within the Brisbane City Council boundaries. The LAPBG’s first working bee was held in May 2000. Since then, hundreds of volunteers from Sunnybank Scouts, Sunnybank High School, community groups and members of the local community have combined to clear hundreds of cubic metres of weeds, plant more than 10,000 native grasses, shrubs and trees, repair eroded creek banks, remove rubbish and mend or build minor infrastructure.
In addition to working in Les Atkinson Park the LAPBG also carries out similar activities in 2 other smaller parks close by( Jock Hing Park and Annie Highness Parker Park).Both these parks adjoin Stable Swamp Creek 

The LAPBG’s objectives are to: 
  • Increase biodiversity within Les Atkinson Park, and ;
  • Protect and preserve native flora and fauna within Les Atkinson Park;
  • Improve water quality in Les Atkinson Park;
  • Educate the local and wider community about the ecological value of Les Atkinson Park and environmental issues generally; and
  • Increase the local community’s sense of ownership toward Les Atkinson Park.


The LAPBG undertakes a range of activities, including: 
  • Plant propagation and planting;
  • Water Testing;
  • Plant and Animal Identification;
  • Habitat Construction;
  • Education and Promotion activities;
  • Weed Control;
  • Creek Bank Stabilisation; and
  • Making submissions to government
This work is important on both a local and catchment scale. Along with other similar projects throughout the Oxley Creek catchment, the LAPBG seeks to stabilise creek banks, decrease the movement of sediment into watercourses and increase biodiversity thereby improving the ecological health of the Brisbane River catchment. 

Wildlife in the Park 

Les Atkinson Park is home to over 90 native bird species, 5 species of frog and froglet, native mammals such as bandicoots, possums and rodent species, at least 5 snake species and a wide variety of insects and other invertebrates. 

The park also contains more than 200 species of plants, including at least 4 distinct plant communities. One notable eco-system is a now rare paperbark wetland community. 

How Can you Help? 

You can help by: 
  • Becoming a member of the LAPBG.
  • Attending working bees or doing some work in the park at a time that suits you. Working Bees are held on the 4th Saturday of every month from 8am-10am (except December)
  • Recording and reporting animal sightings
  • Picking up rubbish within the park

Contact Us 

For more information, contact us via mick (at) lapbg.org.au